Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks

Thrasher Magazine put out the first skate rock volume in 1983. For whatever reason it was a cassette only release. Volume 2, Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks, followed in 1984 and was released both on LP and cassette. The tracklist is a who's who of early '80s skaterock, including McRAD, The Big Boys, The Faction, Los Olvidados, Free Beer, JFA, Tales of Terror and The Drunk Injuns. Thrasher would put the next 2 volumes out on vinyl before reverting back to the cassette-only format.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Skateboard Bean

Mighty Beanz is a line of toys that started in Australia in the early '00s and was relaunched in 2010. This guy is #7 of the first relaunch group in 2010 and simply named Skateboard Bean. Inside this plastic bean is a free-moving metal ball that can make the bean jump slightly when handled. In addition to putting beans in collector cases there are also tracks that they can race on. They go down the tracks end over end a little like a slinky. That's pretty much it. I think it is primarily a toy just to collect. At least there is a gross-out factor that harkens back to the glory days of my childhood.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Tweety makes his debut appearance on BPA with this tiny figure. It's a Kinder Easter egg surprise, which is a European thing that tends to yield a fair amount of skateboarding figures. This figure is from the 2008 Looney Tunes Action Series, which included both Bugs and Taz on rollerblades. Previously featured Looney Tunes characters include a Poochiefied Bugs and the Roadrunner.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral

This pic of The Acc├╝sed is on the inner sleeve of their 2nd album, More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral. Not quite sure what the one dude is doing, I guess he's trying to incorporate the barbed wire into a trick.

A couple songs from this album ended up on Thrasher's Skate Rock Volume 3: Wild Riders of Boards.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sammie on a Skateboard

This tiny figure is entitled "Sammie on a Skateboard." She was made in 1990 and fits onto a ring. This toy is part of the Polly Pocket line, which I think was some sort of ploy to sell kids toys that they would easily lose. She is riding with 1 knee down, which seems to be a popular choice for toys but not seen as much in real life.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sonic Sidewalk Surfers

The Sonic Sidewalk Surfers are personified skateboards put out by Sonic Drive-In in 1989. These are the first personified skateboards to be featured on BPA, but they won't be the last. These guys apparently have names but there is no info on the figures themselves. According to some online sites the blue one is The Sidewalk Snoot and the pink one is Ms. Sidewalk Savvy. The other 2 are Mr. Big Fun and The Mean Sidewalk Machine. I'm not sure which is which but I'm guessing the green one is The Mean Sidewalk Machine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Neil Smith

I picked this 7" EP up at a recent record show in the cheap bin. The cover is great - the Kool-Aid man punked out with a brew. There's even a shout out to the Jaks on the bottom of his board (which happens to have lemon wheels). This is a perversion of early-'90s Kool-Aid lemonade packaging (seen here). This record was released in 1994 on Exit Records out of New York. I wasn't really sure what to expect on this one. Neil Smith's backing band is noted on the back as being Vicious Power. The only info I can find on them says they're a thrash metal band (but I couldn't find a sample). That is unfortunately not what's going on here. All 4 songs are pretty cheesy hard rock with some over the top lyrics (particularly Katshit Kowboy with its "pussy snatcher" chorus). What I could find out about Neil Smith, in addition to being Vicious Power's regular singer, is that he was in a handful of punk bands around the time this was released so I think it is supposed to be parody but I'm not entirely sure.