Monday, March 25, 2013


This wooden boy is riding a useless wooden toy. Pinocchio comes with magnetic action, meaning that the small magnet on the left is placed under a thin surface (the instructions suggest a plate, cardboard or table top but he really only works on something like a cereal box). The instructions also give a "50 year guarantee for durability of magnet power." In its defense, it is made in West Germany and the English translation is worded a bit awkwardly. In addition to German and English it also gives some French instructions.  It was made in 1977 by Magneto (I guess he built children's toys while not fighting the X-men). Pinocchio is shown below on the front and back of the box. The front shows him with an odd assortment of characters (a hobo cat, a fox with an injured foot, a woodpecker and a duckling). All and all a pretty sweet crew.

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