Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Possessed to Skate Volume Two

Possessed to Skate Volume Two is a 10" compilation put out in 2002 by Six Two Five Thrashcore. Released 5 years after the first volume, Volume Two focuses on thrash rather than power violence. It features 4 bands: E.T.A. (from Sweden), Life Set Struggle (from Ohio), Breakfast (from Japan) and Scholastic Deth (from SF). Their are a number of songs about skating on the comp, including E.T.A.'s "Let's Go, Let's Skate," Life Set Struggle's "Rippin Shit Up," Breakfast's "Alameda" and Scholastic Deth's "On the Road of Life, Be Sure to Stop and Skate the Ledges." All that's missing is a copyeditor for the cover.

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