Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Suburban Commando

The cover of 1991's Suburban Commando features a kid riding a mid-'80s deck. The kid doesn't actually skate at all in the movie but the Hulkster does. Early in the film, Hulk, newly arrived on Earth, is headbutted in the groin by a kid on a skateboard. He steps on the board immediately eats it. His rage is so great that he literally sends the board into orbit, to which a drunk bastard exclaims "Great strength, piss-ass balance." That really should've been the tagline of the movie. After he has saved the day the movie has one last thing to show us - Hulk teaching the snotty skaters that he knows how to thrash. He steals a kid's deck and performs a variety of impossible tricks. After breaking the bearings he gives the kid a 6-wheeled deck. I can't quite make out all the decks but it looks like they are mostly toy store decks with a couple large Powell Peralta stickers. Check the clip of the skating action below.

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