Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Radical Ragrat

The Radical Ragrat is a character from the Zoo Crew Beach Network, a Canadian line of stuffed toys from 1990 with skating and surfing themed characters. The Ragrat is described as "The Big Cheese of the group! Beach Rat lives to become the most awesome skateboarder." In addition to the Beach Rat, there is also the Mondo Cat, described as "The radical street-wise cat who loves the fast skateboards!"; the Beach Creach, "A lab experiment gone wrong. This Creach is the ultimate surfer dude!"; and Spike, "Watch out! For this escapee from the city pound favorite past time is chasing fast cars and cool babes." In reality these guys have heavy plastic heads on a pretty flimsy body that will flop over if stood up. There is also no way to attach him to the board so you can just hold him above it. The toy itself is pretty weak but the artwork makes up for it.

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