Saturday, February 28, 2015

Don't Bite the Pavement

Tomy's "Don't Bite the Pavement" is a game where you attempt to navigate a marble through a series of obstacles before the timer runs out. The obstacles are described on the back and have very little to do with skateboarding:

It's been awhile since I've seen skaters cross a drawbridge or take a balloon ride or even railslide down a old mine shaft. This was originally a haunted house themed game that I actually owned as a kid (pictured at the very bottom). The copyright on the back says 1982 but the skateboarding graphics seem a bit too new for that. I would guess that sometime in the '90s, probably around the start of the X-Games, Tomy took an old game and slapped some new graphics on it. Anywho, I remember this game being pretty fun. I picked this game up on eBay for pretty cheap (I actually paid total less than what the poor seller paid for shipping). The game was missing its marble, the balloon riders and the top arm with the guy doing an air. I grabbed the marble out of the Haunted House that I still had at my parent's house and stopped by the drug store to pick up a D battery (which they only sell in packs of 2). Not only did this game not work but my old Haunted House didn't work either. Better luck next time I guess...

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