Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gang Green

Bud banner

BPA. Beach Party Attitude. This was a phrase I once read on a Gang Green single, a play on a Budweiser logo (what was beechwood aged became beech party attitude). I was never quite sure if they intentionally misspelled beach seeing as how they also misspelled "their" and "conducive."  I started using the term beach party attitude similar to the Bad Brains "Positive Mental Attitude" which was naturally shortened to BPA to coincide with PMA. I later tracked down the picture disc version of this release (on Roadracer Records from 1987). And while I hate pic discs, it is hard to not love this one:

Picture disc

The A-side is "We'll Give It to You" and the B-side is "Skate to Hell." They added the Skull Skates logo below the rear truck as this was an actual deck that Skull Skates produced (along with a slew of other punk bands including Social Distortion, The Vandals and LA's Wasted Youth). I once owned the Wasted Youth deck but donated it to the walls of Smash! Records in Washington, DC. The trucks say HARDCORE on the baseplates.

I Only Drink Boh.

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