Monday, August 13, 2012


ribit comic 1

Skateboards, mutants and lasers. Quite a combo for the cover of Ribit! #1 (1989). I'm not quite sure where I came across this but I've had it for a couple years at least. Ribit starts out as a lizard in love with a  "punked-out boom box Quasimodo" named Thog. Thog's sorceress master makes up a batch of mutagen to make the ultimate weapon. Thog tosses in his "Blond Fire" VHS cassette and Ribit jumps in. She emerges the amphibious woman on the cover and he teaches her to skate.

ribit comic 2

Ribit skates goofy on the cover but skates regular in the story (as does Thog).

ribit comic 3

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