Sunday, October 21, 2012

RC Ripskate

The RC Ripskate is a remote controlled skater made by Matchbox in 1987. My friend picked this up at a yard sale and it no longer had its remote so I do not know if it still works. He's doing a pretty serious squat; I don't think I ever seen anyone skate in such an awkward position. His head and arms are movable but I don't think that is controlled by the remote. The board itself is probably about as tall as he is if he were standing so I guess he's a longboarder. He's fully padded up (including fingerless gloves) and rocking the Flyaway helmet. He's also got a Tracker clown shirt (although he doesn't really have any trucks on his set up). This takes 8 AA batteries and 1 9-volt.


  1. If there exists a universal remote controller for these types of toys, I'd love to get my Lowly-Worm-Driving-His-Apple-Car working.