Friday, October 12, 2012

Roll-Along Smurf / Super Smurf

This smurf is rolling along on a pretty sweet pig. According to the smurf collecting site Bluebuddies, this is a promo variant with a skateboard shaped deck (as opposed to a leaf shaped deck) and fatter wheels. I'm can't quite track down a year for this guy but the leaf skateboard version is from 1978 (most companies seemed to go to the pig shape around '79-'80).

Edit: Picked up the "Super Smurf" version with the leaf shaped deck. It not clear which side should be the nose and tail. Unlike the Roll-Along Smurf, the Super Smurf can be taken off the deck. I didn't notice this guy's unusual stance until looking at the side picture. His back foot is facing backwards similar to how a roller skater rides a bowl.

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