Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tear It Up

Tear It Up were a hardcore/thrash band from New Jersey from the early '00s. This is the tour press of their debut 7" EP from 2000. Some of the members had been in the band Dead Nation, a band who did not have any skate-related covers but did have a song titled "Skate or Die" on their LP Dead End. Tear It Up came through around 2000 and stayed at our house. We assumed that they skated since they had been in Dead Nation so we were excited to take them to the local ditch. They drove out with us before admitting that they didn't skate. Apparently the guitarist in Dead Nation had written the skate song and he was not in Tear It Up (although the singer was the same). We were bummed but Tear It Up didn't have any skate songs or imagery at that time (they later appeared on the Wild in the Streets 7" compilation) so we just chalked it up to our overzealousness. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I stumbled across this 7" in the used bin yesterday.

The other main thing I remember about their stay was that they claimed their roadie could beat Marble Madness. They were probably not expecting us to have a set up and working NES at our house as well as a copy of Marble Madness. Dude beat it first try.

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