Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nerds II

Although Nerds boxes have gone through multiple incarnations, they have had a skater on the cover as far back as I can remember. After I made the first Nerds post on BPA I wanted to pick up a box to scan in but was dismayed to find that the packaging had been updated (I did stumble across a Surf & Turf version that had a skater). I kept an eye out for the older box in dollar stores thinking they might have old candy but was unsuccessful. I finally ran across this unopened box in my parent's pantry, the final resting place of all sorts of candy. There is some promo covering most of the Nerds but they knew to leave the skater untouched. I'm not sure if this is a winning box or not but the winning entry had to be post marked before the end of 2004 so I can't claim it anyway. Details on the back state that there were 5 grand prizes worth $5,000 each, 150 first prizes worth $200 and 1,000,001 second prizes worth $1.10.

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