Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Roskopp and Superbad released the 50303Grind split 7" EP in 2009. The split is a joint release by Ragerizer! Records and 303 Records. Roskopp hails from Denver, CO while Superbad are from Portland, OR. It's not hard to guess that the skating influence comes from Roskopp, they even used part of the Roskopp 5 graphic for their inner label. The cover looks like it is inspired by the "Pool Joust" section of Skate or Die!, with the creature wielding a dagger and the skeleton whipping some bone nunchuks above his head. Imagine watching that battle and you get an idea of how this record sounds. Roskopp's skate track "5-0 Pork Grind" is linked below.

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