Friday, October 25, 2013

Sonic Skaters 2

The second series of skaters from Sonic finds the regular four characters being joined by quite an extended crew. It is a bit impressive (and bewildering) that Sonic bothered to create such a wide range of characters. It gets a bit confusing when they aren't shaped like giant hamburgers or whatever Grimace is, but here's the list (left to right by row): Junior, Cherrie, Molly with Tot, Pete, Anna, Josh, Ben, Sean, Gilbert, Claire, Vanessa & José. They have dropped the all black grip job seen in the first set of skaters in favor of some more colorful and creative designs. This set dates from 2004, a year after the first set. Over the course of the '00s Sonic pumped out quite an array of skater figures. Other Sonic skaters featured on BPA include Skaters 1, X-Tremes and Bendable X-Tremes as well as Coney.

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