Thursday, October 3, 2013


This 7" contains NOFX's first demo. It was recorded in 1984 but was not released on vinyl until 2012 as part of the 126 Inches Of NOFX 7" boxset. It's hard to understand why anyone would need 18 NOFX 7"s but I'm sure there are people out there who were excited about this. The demo features a different singer and does not really sound at all like NOFX. It actually has a pretty standard early '80s punk sound. I first came across this EP being sold by itself at a record shop in Philly and I passed on it thinking it was a little pricey. After realizing this was only sold as part of the boxset I thought I probably made a mistake since I probably wouldn't see it for sale by itself. I recently headed back up to Philly for a bowl crawl and swung by the same shop to see if it was still there. I think all 18 records were still there.

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