Monday, November 4, 2013


Deathreat comes in as the 50th skate punk record posted on BPA. The cover shows a bunch of boards leaning against what is most likely their tour van. While this is a cool image I would've put side one's graphic of a sick edger with a Deathreat board on the cover. Side two's graphic is a picture of the band at a skatepark. This 7" EP came out in 1998 on Partners In Crime. Members of Deathreat later went on to be in His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy, and while I unfortunately never saw Deathreat I did see both the latter bands. The first time I saw Tragedy they played the Crispus Attucks house just outside D.C. They arrived early and were very excited to check out Lansdowne Skatepark for an afternoon session before the show.

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