Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rude Dog

Rude Dog was a character created in the mid '80s by Suns Sportswear to market clothes with angular neon graphics to surfers/skaters/posers/etc. He's clearly a Spuds MacKenzie rip-off (only way more extreme). In 1989 Rude Dog followed the time-honored tradition of Ernest P. Worrell and Max Headroom and made the leap from advertising to mediocre television show. I have absolutely no recollection of this show but it apparently revolved around Rude Dog and his canine crew (the Dweebs) running a garage and driving around in a pink Cadillac while avoiding Herman the dog catcher. Not surprisingly, Rude Dog and the Dweebs lasted only 1 season. The intro linked below is reminiscent of Poochie's introduction on The Itchy and Scratchy Show, complete with rap. I'm not sure exactly when these figures date from but it is probably around the time of the show. There was third figure but he was rollerskating so I melted him.

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