Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Side by Side

Doggy Style's debut LP Side by Side was released in 1985 on Flipside Records. The cover features a bunch of decks, a drawing of the band, and graffiti style logo. All of these factors add up to a seemingly questionable release, which is probably why I passed on this so many times at RTX in College Park, MD. My friend finally convinced me I needed it ("Dude, it's got "Rookie Cop" on it!") but told me to steer clear of the later LP with the Duane Peters cover (which was always in the bin). This album is a mix of some pretty decent punk tracks and a few not-so-good funky tracks. It's definitely their most solid release and probably the only one that anyone needs (although I also have the previously featured Live at Sun City 12"). Check out the aforementioned "Rookie Cop" as well as "Skate Party" below.

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