Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Skate to Hell

Gang Green's 2nd appearance on BPA comes in the form of their sophomore release. The "Skate to Hell" 7" was released in 1985 on Taang Records and is one of the great '80s skate punk covers (after the action shots of JFA, Code of Honor and Disaster Area). The cover features singer/guitarist Chris Doherty in a Budweiser shirt on an early '80s pig. Although the cover photo doesn't convey the same energy captured in the aforementioned 7" covers, Gang Green make up for it with the title track. Since that track was previously featured on BPA as the b-side to their skateboard shaped pic disc, I'll link to this b-side: "Alcohol."

Edit: Matt over at Smash! Records has informed me that he is "pretty sure" this photo was taken in front of the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, a venue we saw many punk bands at in the late '90s. A quick search shows Gang Green playing a show there on June 25, 1982, quite a bit before this record was released but that would explain the board shape. Check out the Pushead flyer for that show at Noise Addiction blog.

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