Saturday, March 29, 2014

No Cheese!

The Stupids, England's premier skate punk band, team up with Aussie punk legends The Hard-Ons on this Australian tour 10". It was put out in 1988 and is a joint release by Waterfront (AU) and Vinyl Solution (UK). The EP features 3 tracks by each band and 2 tracks by "all star" bands which are made up of members from each band as well as some roadies. The record consists entirely of cover tracks, with the 2 all star bands covering traditional songs; The Stupids covering The Hard-Ons, Minor Threat and The Ramones; and The Hard-Ons covering The Stupids, AC/DC and the UK Subs. There is also some inter-song banter that consists primarily of the bands making fun of each other.

The cover features caricatures of the band members and roadies on a gigantic pizza. Hidden amongst the toppings are various items such as a broken record, a beer can, rats, cats and, partially obscured by Stupids bassist Ed Shred, a skateboard.

The insert consists of a comic detailing some of the bands' misadventures through Australia, including the below panels where the bands watch "classic slammer" Dave Ross.


  1. I used to own a crappy bass guitar that my friend got in a trade with Tommy Stupid for a skateboard.

  2. There's a Hard-ons skateboard out now.