Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Portia Porcupine

The Get Along Gang was a series of characters created by a greeting card company in 1983. You don't normally think of greeting cards gaining all that much traction but they apparently got big enough to get their own cartoon for one season in 1984. I have no recollection of this cartoon but these guys remind of the Shirt Tales, which was a pretty banal cartoon but aired on Sunday mornings, a time when I would watch any animated show no matter how terrible. 

This character is Portia Porcupine, whose character trait is apparently "gets upset easily." The figure is from 1984 and was part of the Fun Wheelin' Wind-Ups series. Various figures were sold with the skateboard, which is detachable and held on by the standard tab/hole-in-the-foot (see Montgomery Moose below). The front truck pivots but the wind-up mechanism is broken so I'm not quite sure if she rides in circles or just turns randomly.

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