Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peanuts Mini Skateboard

The 2nd Peanuts skateboarding series features most of the same figures as the original Skate N Surf series. I can't find a year for this series but I believe these are late '70s or early '80s. It appears these were made by 2 different companies at different times so the latter run may have been mid to late '80s. For this series, billed as "Snoopy Mini Skateboard with Free Wheeling Action," they moved away from the slightly oversized die-cast metal skateboards and went to an extremely oversized plastic deck. In addition to the less aesthetic look, they also exchanged Beach Party Snoopy for a Snoopy that is sitting with Woodstock. Either way it is a big step down, although these boards do roll a lot better. That leaves only 2 figures that are more or less in a skating position: Charlie Brown and Joe Cool. Both these figures were in the original series as well as of the 2 sitting figures (Woodstock and WWI Flying Ace) and dancing Snoopy. Fear not though, Beach Party Snoopy returns in the 3rd series where each figure is riding in tandem with another.

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  1. Clearly Charlie Brown is on MDMA. One might say he is the unsinkable Molly Brown.