Saturday, April 5, 2014

Skateboardin' Tugs

Those of us who lived through the Koosh fad of the mid-'90s look back in confusion and regret, or have just completely blocked it out of our minds. Building on the momentum provided by The Rosie O'Donnell show, Koosh branched out from the ball market to include Koosh Kins, balls with a face and arms, and Koosh Lings, balls with a face, arms and legs. Koosh Kins had a much more extensive backstory thanks to an Archie published comic, but Koosh Lings were promoted by various female child stars of the time. After the original line of Koosh Lings in 1996, a follow-up line called "Wild Times" was released which made the child stars exclaim "They're into the same stuff we are!" These were followed by the "Cool Scenes" line with the updated tag line "Doin' the same stuff you do!"

Tugs was in the original line and marketed as a body builder. Skateboardin' Tugs is from the "Wild Times" line and has traded in his boots for some fake Chucks and donned elbow and knee pads. The main thing I remember about Koosh products was the unique rubbery smell. This guy's still got it after nearly 20 years.

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  1. They really are into the same things we are... That commercial is a great find.