Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Old Skull

Old Skull, the youngest punk band in the world! From it's opening mantra of "Homeless... Homeless...," Old Skull's 1989 debut album kick's in with a track that removes any doubt that this band might not be the youngest punk band in the world. With the other singer popping in to yell "People that don't have homes!" the song kicks in to let you know that homeless people can't get jobs because they don't have a good education. Just when you think the song is over one of the singers screams "I hate you Ronald Reagan!" All of this is yelled over a cacophony of instruments that almost resembles a song. The rest of the album continues in much the same manner, touching on then-current issues like AIDS as well as age old truths such as the afterlife of hotdogs and the killing of dead eagles. They also tackle the eternal question of skating or dying, with lines such as "1-2-3-4 we skate hardcore 5-6-7-8 go in your room and have a skate" and "like so rad like doing method airs on a halfpipe." I can't make out the deck on the cover but it is obviously covered in Garbage Pail Kids.

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