Saturday, May 16, 2015

Brilliant Skater Dude

Brillant is a Jelly Baby, a Sour Patch Kid like jelly candy from the UK. This dude is way bigger than I originally thought - I was expecting something along the lines of the Yellow M&M Dispensor, but this guy is about 1.5 times bigger (a full 12" tall). When you pull down on his right arm it opens his backpack which allows little kid-sized fingers to grab some candy. 

The box calls him "Skater Dude" and has some fairly detailed instructions for pouring a bag of jellybeans into a container. The back has some instructions on actually skating - a basic definition of regular vs goofy along with manual and shove-its. It gets a bit weird after that - the ollie description wants you to "place both feet on the tail and pop up into the air." The handplant one is basically accurate although it is awkwardly worded. I'm curious to see someone handplant and grab the board with their foot.

I have no year for this dude but judging by the lack of any website info and the use of nollie in the trick section I'm guessing he's probably from the mid-'90s.

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