Friday, May 24, 2013

McDonaldland Stickers

These four character stickers are from 2000 and feature the more well known inhabitants of McDonaldland (unfortunately no Fry Guys though). Birdie the Early Bird gets top billing here for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the ruling nature of breakfast in general. She is also the only one not rocking a bike helmet (or maybe her googles are just masking it). Aside from the helmets, this set is drawn pretty well, especially considering the last time Ronald appeared here he looked more like he was practicing Tai Chi than skating. Grimace looks about what you would expect a creature of his girth to look like on a board, which is actually a little less rad than his last appearance. Hamburgler looks like he is bombing a hill, which might be the only time it would not be a horrible idea to skate in a cape. It is also a good skill to have for a known criminal in a land with only one police officer.

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