Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry skating back in 1994 from Subway. They are billed as "Skateboard Tom" and "Skateboard Jerry" but the Tom figure is riding a scooter. The above image was taken after X-Acto surgery corrected Tom's poor judgement. The promo card that accompanied the figures clearly shows both Tom and Jerry on skateboards (and has added helpful labels in case you can't keep them straight). The back of the card teaches you about friendship, which seems pretty odd since Tom and Jerry are typically on the verge of killing each other. Even the episodes where that start with them being friends end up at near homicidal levels. These figures don't appear to be advertising any specific era of Tom and Jerry (the back of card reveals that you can "watch Tom & Jerry on TV" by checking your local listings). The blasphemous original figure of scooter Tom is below along with post-op pics.

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