Monday, June 10, 2013

Skateboard Gang

  Ollie McTwist

 E.Z. Duzzit

 Roxanne Roller

 L. Soar


 Jimmy B. Chin

"Total" Lee Cool

The Skateboard Gang was a line of toys put out in 1986 by Mattel that consisted of 7 figures (6 different molds and 1 color variation). The figures all have rev-up action. There was also a ramp that went along with these guys that was basically a bank ramp with a curved top and a large lip that would turn the figures around. That seems to be where the color variant for Ollie McTwist came from (E.Z. Duzzit came with the ramp). These guys all have unique grip jobs and bottom graphics (except for Ollie and E.Z. who share a Gator style grip job). There are also three different board shapes - a rounded nose, a squared off nose, and a hammerhead.

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