Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blue M&M

In 1995 Mars realized that tan was far too boring to remain in the M&M family. They held a vote to see who would replace it and blue won, beating out pink and purple. This figure is from 2008 and is the second M&M to appear on BPA (a green M&M was previously featured). The standard blue character that appears in ads is of the almond variety (basically the same shape as the classic peanut type). He is shown here with sideways baseball cap, shades, weird tongue-revealing smirk, and what appears to be an early 90s deck (it could be a late 00s cruiser but the wheel size suggests otherwise). The bottom of this figure is a rubber stamp but unfortunately it is not of him skating (or even holding his deck), just him snapping his fingers. He also sits on a sticker dispenser, but none of the stickers feature skating either.

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