Sunday, May 18, 2014

Super Mack

I have had the pleasure of featuring a number of skateboarding hot dogs here on BPA, but this is the first skating hamburger I have come across. This is the Super Mack riding a YL 2010. He is made by Yung Lo Toys which is abbreviated YO LO Toys on his banner for some reason. The banner also drops the "K" at the end of his name, as does his deck. He is obviously a Big Mac ripoff, the bun in the middle is a dead giveaway. Perhaps they added the "K" to the box in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit. This guy was made in Taiwan in 1988. He takes 2 AA batteries which powers a 5th wheel on the bottom of his board. This guy's motor is currently broken (it makes noise but the wheel does not spin) so I can not give a first hand account of his skating abilities. The back of the box is below which illustrates his movements and also describes this "hard action" as "sliding, listing, whirling, jumping, etc." Looking at the 5th wheel mechanism I think he probably moves forwards and backwards, arbitrarily spins, pulls some manuals, and maybe throws in a couple powerslides for good measure.

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