Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Snoopy VII

Snoopy refuses to give up the crown for most BPA appearances. He returns for his 7th solo post (which does not include the 2 Peanuts sets). What's more - he shows no sign of abating. Only Bart Simpson himself could possibly threaten Snoopy's record, but that probably won't happen any time soon as I usually skip over Simpson stuff. For his 7th entry, Snoopy is wearing a bit of a weird outfit - a yellow tanktop and green shorts. He has also eschewed his normal barefoot style for some all black shoes. No knee pads or helmet but his elbows are padded up. He's riding a nice fish shaped deck. I have no date on this figure but he was made by Comics Spain, a company that went out of business in the early '90s so it is sometime before that. Comics Spain also made Work Out Snoopy as well as Daffy DuckTom & Jerry, and Tom posing

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